Positive Motivational Workshops

Northern Lights Entertainment


Firewalking has been traced back to 1200 B.C. and been practiced for centuries by shamans, priests, and certified instructors. Firewalks have been used for religious ritual, healing ceremonies, and empowerment workshops all over the world. Attendees will have the opportunity to walk across a bed of hot coals that have just burned down after learning the history and benefits. People experience many different types of growth once doing a firewalk ceremony.

Trust Fall

Do you have a fear of heights or trusting others? This is the perfect workshop for you, where we learn how to trust the people around us and conquer fear. Many times, we lose trust in others throughout years or from a bad experience. When doing a trust fall, we regain that feeling of trust once again.


The glasswalk is an exercise in meditation while overcoming fear using 100% focus. One by one each individual will walk across a path of broken glass to learn techniques in controlling the constant activity in our brains.

Board Break

Many people reading this may first think “only trained martial artist can break a board with their bare hand”. This is not true and with the board break workshop people will learn how to control ego that makes us think that. Participants will take part in breaking through their own board bare handed.

Arrow Break

The activity of breaking an arrow using our neck will show participants how to push through resistance. Finding power in situations that make us feel vulnerable through positive mindset. This workshop has been used by Tolly Burkan throughout a lifetime of motivational seminars.

Rebar Bend

Rebar bend is an activity to realize there are things in life which appear impossible but are quite achievable. Many times, we must work with a partner to overcome an obstacle in life or work. This workshop will put participates with random partners to achieve a common goal together.

Poi Spinning

Poi spinning is the art of manipulation and learning how to be present in the moment. The term Poi is the Maori word for “ball” and the art of poi spinning originated in New Zealand with their indigenous people.

Fire Manipulation

Fire manipulation is a technique used to help control our internal thoughts to overcome fear. It is a practice of using real fire props and manipulating them in ways we control the outcome through present focus.

Only a trained Northern Lights Entertainment instructor can teach these workshops. Northern Lights Entertainment is not liable for anyone injured or killed participating in these workshops. All participants of any workshop listed must sign a liability waiver before allowed to do activity involved with workshop.