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Grant Harris

Entrepreneur at 20 years old, founding one of the first fire manipulation performance companies in Indianapolis, IN. A graduate with Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and Certified Motivational Firewalking Instructor by The Firewalking Center. Creator of the Southern Illinois Fire & Flow Retreat and Southern Illinois Eclipse events held in Reynoldsburg, IL. Owner of Harris Cattle Ranch L.L.C. supplying grass-fed Angus beef to clients throughout the Midwest from his family’s 5th generation cattle farm in Ozark, IL.

Grant’s Workshops

Firewalking has been traced back to 1200 B.C. and been practiced for centuries by shamans, priests, and certified instructors. Firewalks have been used for religious ritual, healing ceremonies, and empowerment workshops all over the world. Attendees will have the opportunity to walk across a bed of hot coals that have just burned down after learning the history and benefits. People experience many different types of growth once doing a firewalk ceremony.

Do you have a fear of heights or trusting others? This is the perfect workshop for you, where we learn how to trust the people around us and conquer fear. Many times, we lose trust in others throughout years or from a bad experience. When doing a trust fall, we regain that feeling of trust once again.

The glasswalk is an exercise in meditation while overcoming fear using 100% focus. One by one each individual will walk across a path of broken glass to learn techniques in controlling the constant activity in our brains.

Many people reading this may first think “only trained martial artist can break a board with their bare hand”. This is not true and with the board break workshop people will learn how to control ego that makes us think that. Participants will take part in breaking through their own board bare handed.

The activity of breaking an arrow using our neck will show participants how to push through resistance. Finding power in situations that make us feel vulnerable through positive mindset. This workshop has been used by Tolly Burkan throughout a lifetime of motivational seminars.

Rebar bend is an activity to realize there are things in life which appear impossible but are quite achievable. Many times, we must work with a partner to overcome an obstacle in life or work. This workshop will put participates with random partners to achieve a common goal together.

Poi spinning is the art of manipulation and learning how to be present in the moment. The term Poi is the Maori word for “ball” and the art of poi spinning originated in New Zealand with their indigenous people.

Fire manipulation is a technique used to help control our internal thoughts to overcome fear. It is a practice of using real fire props and manipulating them in ways we control the outcome through present focus.

Juggling Soup

Entering the juggling universe in 2015 life changed forever. To this day Soup does not know where he would be in life if not for juggling. Never knowing where it would take him or the beautiful souls to meet along the journey. Juggling has taken him all over the United States opening the juggling universe for others by instructing workshops and classes. He has been lucky enough to perform in front of Above and Beyond, Jai Wolf, Space Jesus, Snails, and many more. Seeing smiles that come across people’s faces while juggling is what keeps him going.

Juggling Soup’s Workshops

Ever wanted to explore the juggling universe? In this workshop one will be shown the basic steps to learn how to juggle. It’s so easy that you have to learn it for yourself. Some will learn to juggle in less than 30 minutes. No requirements are needed, and juggling props are provided.

It’s time to show off them juggling skills. In this workshop we will cover beginner juggling tricks. Tricks include: columns, reverse cascade, fake columns, box, yo-yo, figure 8, and more. Basic requirement is knowing how to juggle.

For those of you looking for juggling challenge. In this workshop we will cover hard juggling tricks. Tricks include: Boston shuffle, Rubinstein revenge, mills mess, and adding 3D to routines. This workshop is for those more advanced in juggling. Don’t necessarily need to know the following move but it helps. Those moves are: box, columns, and figure 8.

Going from 3 to 4 juggling balls. In this workshop we will go over learning how to juggle 4 balls. We will also go over learning some 4 ball beginner tricks. Tricks include: Columns, Multiplex, and Box. Basic requirement is knowing how to juggle.

Time to take it to a new level with balls. This workshop we will go over learning how to juggle 5 balls. This workshop is for those far advanced in juggling. Most of the time we will learn from each other. I will demonstrate some 5 ball moves that one can learn. Basic Requirements are being advance in 3 and 4 balls juggling.


Dee has been hula hooping, as well as practicing aerial silks since July 2017 and she quickly picked up fire shortly after. Movement and dance are her ways of expressing art, she loves feeling the environment, the audience, the music and just letting movement tell its own story.

During the daylight hours, you can find her juggling away with her multiple hula hoops, or dancing freely with her silk fans or wings, if you don’t find her on the ground, just look up and you might just find her swinging around on her trapeze, aerial silks or lyra.

At night she loves to light up the party with a lot of fire; hula hoops, fire fans, staff, double mini staffs, dragon staff, fire fingers, and the rope drat are her props of choice.

She loves to bring the heat and energy every time she steps on the stage.

Dee_Cirque’s Workshops

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